Week -2 - Our Journey Continues..

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Week 1

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller. 

The 2nd week 🦾 

We started with Academic Honesty Policy and framed our exhibition essential agreements. We learnt to maintain our exhibition journals, discussed lots of critical thinking questions🧐 and this brought us closer to our learning objectives.

Later, it was time to work on our Central idea, Lines of inquiry,  Key concepts, and to make a choice to work in a particularly creative group. We had three specialist groups i/e Photography, Dance & Music, and Creative Art.

Group 1 - Photography 

Members - Samantha, Aditiya, Dhritiya, Ashwath, Aadit, Eshwar & Ahimsa.

PYP 5 captured 📽 PYP 4  for Photography learning.

By clicking selfies we all thought we knew photography. How wrong we were, we jumped into a Mad Hatters🎩 party with our eyes open.

We researched on:

  • lens,light & image, shutter speed & Aperture

  • analogue vs digital..... Post-correction and digital editing🎞

  • online tools, like Padlet, Jamboard we learnt 

Cropping & composition, contrast & elements of art - line, shape, form, texture, colour and value. 

  • hacks and tricks of phone photography.

  • work of famous Indian photographers 🎥 & explored different lenses and how lights reflect and refract along with the activity given to us as home tasks. 

  • how to teach various techniques and their implications to PYP 4. 

Shooting through [ Ashwin - PYP 4 ]


Comparison on light effects [ Mysha - PYP 4 ]


   Group 2 - Dance & Music

   Members - Abhinav,Aarav,SriPranav, Thithiksha,Pranav & Ameya,

    Here, PYP 5 jazzed 🎺 into PYP 3 classroom. 

Oh! What a roller coaster 🛼 ride it was!

  • We musically introduced ourselves to PYP 3.

  • We confidently ran the show and focused on emotions, expressing through song and dance. In dance, the purpose is to express emotions, communicating physically & allowing those feelings to move through the body. 

  • We learnt about five elements of Hip hop culture: Rap(MCing Or Emceeing), Djing(Turntablism), Breakdance(Bboy or Bgirl), Graffiti and Beatboxing. 

  • PYP 3 swooned to PYP 5’s hip hop beats on the drum 🥁, and the 🎹 keyboard, and jiggled to their 🕺dancing and rapping.

 Motivated by our electrifying performance,  PYP 3    composed and choreographed their dance and music.

  • We all learnt to coordinate, to explore our inner and hidden talents and shared them in our own creative ways, like beatbox etc. 


Group 3 - Art

Members - Kavin,Haeun,Samarth,Rohan,Minju, Ivania & Rayan.

PYP 5, painted the online class red 🎨 with PYP 2

    • We were briefed about the idea of colour and how it helps to build expressions.

    • We explored the world of Primary, secondary and tertiary colours 💦 🌈

    • Monochromatic art, Mexican sun and moon art 🌞 🌗 were fun to do.

    • Colours helped in the social message of good hygiene and healthy eating.

    • The dot painting and pointillism drawing improved our concentration and focus level.

Colour Wheel [ PYP 2 ]

Comparing drawings by Kavin (PYP5)

Pointillism Art [ PYP 5 ]

Rainbow Diet by Ivania [PYP 5 ]

Monochromatic Art [ PYP 5 ]

Presentation based on eating more colour [ PYP 2 ]

Our week 2 ended on a high note.

We are grateful to be backed by our enthusiastic

mentors who put in a lot of faith so that we can

fearlessly say, Bring it on!

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and

above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams

Donovon Bailey

Stay tuned


By PYP5 Students

          HUS Chennai 

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