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Week -5 - Our Journey Continues..

Welcome back! We have a brand-new adventure to share with you!

Hope you have read our Week 4 blog, if not please click on the link below.

Week 4

We gotta do work, work, work, and party here 🥳

We are gonna fulfil all essentials that are fair 😎

Our week started with practice but a surprise breather came

when we did Nearpod quiz on animals in Hindi.

Everyone had a blast playing the nearpod game.

PE also integrated with our Unit. It was not only a

hearty workout but we learnt about the importance of rainbow diet,

"Rungg se bhari rasbhari zindagi"

With great power comes great responsibility, said the 🕷 Man.

Rings of responsibility was reinforced in our library class

when it came to social media usage.

This week, we also started with a dry run to our exhibition, the one

that seemed far was becoming more real with each passing day.

We saw a peek at what our juniors will be doing for their Joy of Learning.

Mock session PYP 1

Mock session PYP 5

We have practised the Punjabi boliyan day after day, which seems

like our new anthem, and now that we are dressing a little in

handkerchiefs and turban, like Punjabi people it is so much more fun.

The dry run is helping us to improve our performance and seeded

us in developing confidence.

The week ended with a roar,

no, no not from us but the clouds and poured water

on the last mock session of the day.

(don’t worry, we practised the next day😉,

with a volley of question answers trial session)

Next week is all about the live performance for all PYPs including ours.

We look forward to seeing you there or you can watch us live on Youtube.

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Ciao, see you next week!


Hus Chennai

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