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Week -4 - Our Journey Continues..

Welcome back! We have a brand-new adventure to share with you!

Hope you have read our Week 3 blog, if not please click on the link below.

Week 3

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All play and no work makes him a mere toy.

This week was all about practice, practice and more practice 😜.. Just joking!

Oh, Punjabi was so tough to learn, it was khut, not cut.

We all had a merry laugh when the teachers corrected that khut

is earning and cutting is chopping someone up.

Even when all this was happening, our PE classes were regular,

the teachers focused not only on our mental well being but also

our 🏋️‍♀️  physical health. We aimed for holistic mindfulness🧘

and calculated BMI for all😊

We put on our journalist caps and interviewed 🤔 our juniors, to

find out how the unit went for them, it filled us with glee.

(if you know what I am talking about)

The week ended with not one but two interesting sessions.

Story reading in Tamil and fun talking and learning about

mime and mime make-up for PYP Exhibition (wait and watch).

Ciao, see you next week!


Hus Chennai

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