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Week -3 - Our Journey Continues..

Hey, it’s been a long week.

Hope you have read our Week 2 blog, if not please click on the link below. Week 2

Hello! Welcome back! Let’s talk about our everyday class observations today.

We started the week by learning about different kinds of poems,

acrostic or limerick which makes expressing ourselves fantastic.

Oh! We loved it. Hope you will like them too πŸ˜€. 

Since May 5th was International Math day, we integrated Math with

LA and did some shape poems. 

It seemed the Math concepts too turned poetic that day.

We surprised our juniors by joining them and had another fun session.

Under the sculpture art

we used veggies and fruits to express our healthy lifestyle by treating our eyes by making bears, tortoises, sharks and more, by carving fruits and vegetables.

                                                            Isn’t that fresh & cool?

Have you ever designed your own home, well we did, on the planner 5d app.

And, of course, while all this was on, we were also working on our dance

πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ steps(make sure you come to watch πŸ‘€ )and were being musically πŸ₯πŸŽΊ

busy too with  Boliyaan, small traditional Punjabi poems. 

It was one whirlwind week, and so much fun we had.

Our plates were full and mind satiated.

For now only this much, stay tuned there is more to come.

By PYP5 students

HUS Chennai

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